Dash camera

The TG300 is equipped with high-resolution (1920×1080 @ 30fps) video recording. This camera also features high speed video recording @ 60fps, in 1280×720 quality. It also uses the .TS (transport stream) file format, which makes sure files do not corrupt if power is lost. Included is a patented bracket with a quick-release design that is easy to assemble and makes your camera easy to adjust. The camera also warns the driver when they are becoming fatigued to prevent accidents. With custom speed setting, an alarm will alert you to let you know if you’re over the speed limit. The camera features a GPS logger that records the time, date and location that you can review later. If there’s an impact or if the emergency brake is deployed, the camera will protect the previous, present and upcoming video files automatically so they aren’t erased by loop recording. In addition, you can also manually protect certain files. The TG300 can also take photos in 12 megapixel high resolution, has a 120 degree wide viewing angle, motion detection modes and cycle recording.